Where to Find the best Speaker Stands

To disperse sounds evenly with high-quality sound coming from your speaker, it is essential to have a speaker stand. If you own a restaurant, a bar, a cafe, and any type of business where music adds vibrancy to your space, a speaker with a speaker stand will be very beneficial.
Here at BlastKing USA, we offer speaker stands at a budget and with high quality. We can help you choose the best equipment that suits your preference.

What is a Speaker Stand?

Speaker stands is an equipment that can hold a loudspeaker and improve its sound. It started out in 1970 when musicians figured out that lifting a speaker from the ground and elevate it helps lessen the vibration and the sound quality is better. Pieces of furniture were then built to address this need.

The furniture has properties that eliminate vibrations and improves the sound coming from the speaker.
Researchers later found out that the best position for a speaker is in the ear level of the audience. Speaker stands are then built with the option to adjust its height, the lowest adjustment caters to a sitting person.

Speaker Stands Products

We offer different speaker stand that is perfect to various types of a loudspeaker.

Adjustable Subwoofer Pole - This stand caters to holding or supporting your subwoofer. It can be adjusted from 35 inches to 52 inches, with an 88 lb or 40 kg weight capacity. It also includes a safety pin to secure and support your subwoofer at a maximum.

Light Duty Speaker Stand - This speaker stand is best used for a lighter loudspeaker, ideal for your home entertainment system. It has a holding capacity of 125 lbs maximum weight, with adjustable height at 45” to 71”. The base spread is at 28” to 43” making it suitable for small living space or at the corner of your living room. The stand has a steel tube construction with hi-density nylon for both its safety collar and telescope.

Medium Duty Speaker Stand - This stand can hold medium-sized loudspeakers with a maximum weight capacity of 150 lbs. It has adjustable height at 47” to 71” and a base spread of 32” to 47”. This speaker stand is perfect for business owners such as restaurant, cafe, pubs and other places that cater to less than 100 people. The stand has steel tube construction and both its safety collar and telescope has a metal body.

Medium Duty Speaker Stand Pack with Zippered Bag - This speaker stand is perfect for traveling musicians and band. This package includes two medium-duty speaker stand and a nylon zippered water-proof carrying bag. The stand has a capacity of 150 lbs of weight with adjustable height at 47” to 71”. It has a base spread of 32” to 47” with steel tube construction.

These products are available at BlastKing USA website. We also offer a monthly payment program up to 12 months available from Affirm Financing. We ship orders in the United States with free standard shipping. Contact us now to find out more details.