What is a Power Mixer?

The process of mixing or combining a multitrack recording into one final sound output requires a piece of equipment that is meant to do this job. The blending of these tracks is done by using a variety of processes and techniques to achieve sound compression and equalization.

The equipment used do this are mostly DJ mixers, Audio mixers, or power mixers are built to give us the best sound possible. At BlastKing USA, we offer a variety of sound equipment needed for successful music creation. It is essential to choose the right equipment that fits your preference.

What is a Mixer?

Achieving that perfect sound and audio mix requires the right techniques and the quality of recorded sounds. This process is usually done by a mixing engineer, while a recording artist or record producer assist along the process. These sound production and audio mixing are performed by a specialist on a digital audio workstation or a mixing console, this is where power mixers come to play a major role.

Types of Mixers

Examples of a mixer are mixing console, mixing board, mixing desk, and software mixers - the heart that operates the process of mixing. There are numerous inputs that a mixer offers, a multi-track recorder fed this creation. A two-channel mixer uses 2 main outputs, while a “surround” mixer uses 8 outputs.

A mixer has three major functions, the first is to sum signals together, second is to route source signal, and third is the on-board processors.

To sum the signals together, a dedicated amplifier does this.

While in the case of a digital mixer, it is done by a simple sound algorithm.

The routing of the source signal is segregated to its internal buses and external processing of effects and units.

The onboard processor is where the equalizing and compressing of sound happens.

One may find that mixing consoles are intimidating and large, it has a vast and confusing number of controls. Do not let this shy you away, these consoles can be studied by learning one small part at a time.

The mixing controls have two categories - configuration, and processing controls. The configuration control routes console signal from its input to its output through various processes.

The processing control is used for sound manipulation. These vary from simple control level to complex and sophisticated reverberation of outboard units.

A digital audio workstation or DAW performs many features while mixing as an additional process. This audio control lets a DAW perform on the same user interface of a mixing console. DAWS has the ability to assign resources to process power just like a digital audio signal.

Where to Buy Power Mixers

A power mixer is a compact solution to traveling music professionals. It has a built-in amplifier, effects, and cables for convenience and portability. This is perfect for local bands, sound engineers, and DJs who need a compact PA system and can be set up easily.

We, at BlastKing USA, does not only offer you high-quality equipment but also offers you a flexible payment plan for your desired equipment. Call us now so we can discuss your options.