What is a Portable PA system?

Some of us may dread the idea of speaking in public or singing in front of everyone. However, performing artists, politicians, public speakers, entertainers, and many more embraces this kind of life. In each public activities and appearances, a set of an electronic system called PA system is necessary.

PA system or Public Address System is a set of electronic systems. It comprises a microphone, loudspeakers, amplifiers, and other related equipment. This set of a system increases the loudness of a human voice, music and other sounds.

At BlastKing USA we have various sets of a portable PA system. In this age and time, a portable PA system is evolving and makes it easy for stage crew to set up the needed equipment.

What is a PA System?

PA systems are essential to any public venue, announcers and performers use it to send out audible sounds that can cover all the audience at a certain distance. It is typical to be used at sports stadiums, concert halls, public transport, live performances, outdoor events and many more. The system may also include a mixing console to modify sound sources, loudspeakers, and amplifiers to increase volume distribution.

Portable PA System

This is a simple, compact, and small PA system. It is consisting of a microphone, a loudspeaker, and an amplifier. This type of PA system is often used for small events in venues like a school activity hall, coffeehouses, restaurants, and churches.

This compact PA system is connected to a sound source of a music player, disc player, radio, smartphone or a computer. It can be powered by a battery at 12 volts and installed inside a vehicle.

The sources of the input are fed into a preamplified route with signals that can direct audio signals and sent to specified facilities such as a certain area in a school. These preamplified signals are then passed to the amplifiers. The amplifiers are mostly used to increase audio signals, while the loudspeaker is used to convert a signal into sounds.

PA System Feedback

The PA systems have audio feedback potential and occur when the microphone picks up the sound from the speakers. It is then reamplified and then the speaker picks it up. The audio feedback is a high-pitched squeak like sound.

Sounds engineers do take up several steps to increase the gain signal before feedback. This includes keeping the microphone at a certain distance from the speaker. Also, keeping the volume level on stage and lowering the levels of gain at a frequency where the feedback occurs by using different types of equalizers and notch filter. There are some consoles that can automatically prevent feedback circuits from occurring.

There are devices that help prevent unwanted feedback by using the notch filter to lower gain level of frequencies. An automatic feedback detector has to be set to a frequency level that increases the gain level when doing a sound check. The feedback detector will remember this setting and stays ready to detect and stop these frequencies.

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