LED screens are the most widely used today. LCD screens are becoming obsolete over time. LED technology (Light Emitting Diode) is a trend for its efficiency and the images quality. Strips full of these diodes form each screen; each diode can emit three different colors, adopting the RGB format. These tricolor diodes are called pixels.

The most useful and profitable devices are LED video walls. These great format video players have had a growing demand, by the visual impact that they generate. These are the most common uses of these devices:

  1. Show-Biz: This type of screens are ideal for creating a unique experience for the spectators. For some time, the transmission of images in concerts, festivals, and parties enhances the experience of the attendees. Now with the new technology, the user experience has improved exponentially.
  2. Advertising: The use of giant LED screens to market goods/services is rampant. This type of ads breaks with the traditional static message. They more effective capturing the consumer's attention and encouraging greater product/brand recall. These devices are so versatile that they can be used on a subway station wall, even in stadiums or in the advertising trucks that rounds through the city.
  3. Corporate: Large LED screens are today a must to achieve organizational objectives at corporate events. They are the ideal complement for the launching of a product or the transmission of the company's institutional video during a celebration. Even these equipment are useful for speakers or influencers to show their visual material during a presentation.

Advantages of LED video wall

  • Energy Efficiency: developments in LED technology have allowed the creation of devices that work with the minimum possible consumption. The old video formats generated much heat but little lighting which caused the consumption to rise.
  • Durability: It is estimated that these outdoor or indoor LED screens can last up to 90% longer than traditional options. This technology does not force the internal components of the device. This allows them to run more smoothly, making them resistant in time.
  • Less space: One of the main characteristics of these screens is that they occupy very little space. This is due to their composition: these small spotlights do not need too much space to deploy their activity.
  • Easy to Use: Setting up and changing information on these devices is simple. This allows advertising companies to update their content in no time. Also, the more advanced screens allow remote configuration, which makes the task easier.
  • The Best Deal: LED displays may not be as cost-effective as LCDs or plasma. However, LEDs get better definition, subtler brightness, and longer life. The features of the image increase the user experience and help more easily meet advertising or business objectives, improving ROI. This turns LED big screens into a more than convenient investment.

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