What is a Fog Fluid?

Smoke effects is a beautiful sight to see at a performing stage. It provides a mysterious effect and dreamlike atmosphere. But what is it really made of? A smoke machine or a smoke machine is the equipment behind these artificial fog and smoke. There are other elements involved in the production of these smoke. Here at BlastKing USA, we provide quality and a variety of these products, perfect for cinematic effects on stage.

What Comprises a Fog Machine?

A fog generator or machine is a piece of equipment that diffuses a smoke vapor that is similar to fog. The artificial fog is used in entertainment industry. There is a smaller fog machine that is affordable for personal use. A fog machine is also used for training, industrial, and military applications to emulate a realistic scene.

The vaporized smoke released by the machine is composed of water and glycerin or glycol-based fog fluids, a mineral oil that has gone through atomization can also be emitted as a fog. This process is referred to as a fog juice that atomizes and vaporizes inside the smoke machine. Once the smoke exits the machine, it mixes with the cool air outside and the vapor condenses, this results to a thick and visible fog.

Types of Fog Creation

There two ways for a fog machine to emit fog or smoke - heated and chilled.

Heated smoke machines use an electric pump or inert gas to push mineral oil, water mixture, and propylene glycerin to a heat exchanger. The solution then vaporizes and form a thick fog or smoke.

The basic type of smoke machine has a reservoir for the fluid, electric pump that maneuvers the fog fluid, and heat exchanger that causes the fluid to vaporize. A more sophisticated smoke machine has other features such as control for fog output, speed pumps variable, timer modules, remote operation, and fog status monitoring.

Chilled fog machines can create a thicker fog or cloud-like smoke that can stay low on the ground and rises off the ground as it dissipates. This type of smoke is produced by either liquid nitrogen, dry ice, or liquid air.

Dry Ice is a solid carbon dioxide that is created by boiling water to a certain temperature and dry ice are being dropped in pieces. The carbon dioxide is suppressed and produces gas, water vapor and creates a white fog. A fan is usually placed on the container to push the fog to where it should be.

Liquid nitrogen creates a low-lying cloud effect that is similar to the effect of dry ice. The liquid nitrogen is being pumped to a container with rapid moisture that condenses and creates a cloud-like smoke. A fan is also placed on the container to guide them for placement.

Liquid air can also be used instead of liquid nitrogen. It produces the same effect, a low lying smoke effect.

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