Previously, if you asked children “what do you want to be when you grow up?” they would tell you that they wanted to be a rock star, a famous player, or a movie actor/actress. However, things have changed nowadays. More and more young people are interested in trying their luck as a DJ.

This trend to make a career in the art of mixing songs comes from several factors:

  • DJs and producers have gone from being in the background to become the protagonists. Now, they have a primary role, and the best are the kings of the stage.
  • Today there are many multitudinous events such as festivals, where in addition to singers, DJs are presented as individual shows. One of the pioneers, who opened the doors of stardom to the Disc Jockeys was Tiesto.
  • Being a successful DJ means to travel all over the world, earn much money and meet interesting people.

One thing is certain. Being a successful DJ takes a lot of sacrifice and dedication. To stand out from the crowd, they must develop their skills and style. Also, they must have the right equipment. One of the most significant devices when acquiring equipment to be an outstanding DJ are the speakers.

The DJ Speakers: Let Yourself Sound Loud

Speakers are a fundamental element in your career as a DJ. Your first successes as a DJ will be local, performing at private parties and small events. However, if you select a quality sound system, you can entertain people by providing them with a clear, loud and excellent fidelity sound.

Active Speakers

The speakers make sound by vibration. They need the power to make vibrate the surface of the speaker to a level that will move enough air to direct the sound waves. The source of that power separates the two main types of speakers: passive and active.

In the case of passive speakers, the energy produced by the sound comes from an external element, such as an amplifier. Without this energy, the audio directly will not be heard. In the case of the active ones, the speaker itself is amplified. This means that they do not require an additional device to sound.

When selecting your DJ speakers, it is preferable that you choose from the range of actives. First of all, if you are going to buy a complete set of equipment to become a DJ, purchasing an additional amplifier means a higher expense.

Also, they are the most technologically advanced equipment in recent years. The audio input to the speakers has grown significantly. Today you can send the auditory signal from a traditional plug to digital optical inputs, which provide a superior sound. If you rely on an excellent speaker provider like BlastKing, you will be able to choose many options that include Bluetooth connection.

Finally, this option in the market will allow you a mighty sound. The most common output power is between 800-1000 watts. This power will enable you to provide an excellent musical experience to your customers and will stand you out from your competitors.

Are You Ready To Become A Star DJ?

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