So, you want to be a DJ? You are going to need some great speakers. Have you looked into DJ speakers? DJ speakers have built-in amplification, which does away with the need to purchase both components (the speaker and amp) separately.  

 Let’s go one step further, though.  Have you thought about purchasing an entire DJ speaker package?  We’ve got you covered, and Blastking can hook you up with a plug and play turn-key speaker system that’ll knock the socks off at any venue.  Don’t forget that even if you are the best mix-master of all times, you’ll still need good solid sound. 

Why buy a package?

If you’re just starting, let us help you get started and take the guesswork out of a powered speaker package.  In today’s market there are just too many variables to consider, and once a system is running, it’s yours.  We are the go-to guys when it comes to powered DJ speaker systems, and we know the nuts and bolts, as well as the hows and whys. 

We’ll look at your requirements and recommend a system that suits you according to your anticipated venue sizes and budget.   Package systems are a great value when compared to individual purchases.  The savings can even mean that you’ll have more of your budget leftover for extra equipment. 

We know that you’d rather be spending your time doing the “scratch and shuffle” than trying to set up your system.  DJ speaker packages are fast and simple to use right out of the box, which can take a big chunk out of your set up time.  

We also know that you might not have a Ph.D. in electrical engineering.  Powered speaker components are exactly matched internally, being therefore driven as required.  You will not need to worry whether your speakers match your amplifier as to wattage or resistance (ohms).  It truly is plug and play.

Powered speakers will also, of course, eliminate the cables used between the amp and speaker.  Your speakers will be plugged directly into your mixer or controller.  Nice, huh? 

System’s power requirements

How big of a system, in watts, will you need?  We have several packages available and can match one with your needs, starting with a base package of a couple hundred watts and going up from there to wattages into the thousands.   

Venue size can dictate how big a system you’ll need, but don’t forget that other variables come into play including music style, inputs (analog or digital) and controller types. 

Our professional staff will answer all your questions before you buy, and we won’t leave you hanging after the sale.  If you are having difficulties setting up your system, we’ll walk you through until everything is “just right.”

Blastking has been around since 1984, and now boasts a 50,000 square foot facility in Miami.  We pride ourselves in our diverse and joint knowledge base, and as one we share the same values; Quality, Service and Commitment.  We’ll have a powered DJ speaker package that will suit your needs.  Give us a call.