The Blastking Blade series offers professional sound reinforcement in a compact, lightweight enclosure and comes standard with all of the latest features and technology any live sound musician or DJ would expect.

Blade comes in 12” and 15” options, and both come equipped with 1000 watts of Class D bi-amplification resulting in crystal clear sound, even at high volume.

The BLADE12A provides a max SPL of 136 db, while the BLADE15A has an impressive max SPL of 138 db. Both models come with 4 modes of DSP processing, Bluetooth technology for easy pairing and True Wireless Stereo (TWS).

BLADE Series

Bluetooth Connection & Stereo Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth connection:

1. Press and hold the PAIR button for 2-3 seconds to connect to Bluetooth. The STATUS light should flash quickly.
2. Search for “Blastking” on your device and connect. After the connection is successful, the STATUS light will remain on. The STATUS light will flash slowly once music begins playing.
3. In the Bluetooth connection mode, press the PAIR button to interrupt the current Bluetooth connection, in order to connect to other Bluetooth devices.

Note: Bluetooth will automatically turn off if no device is connected within 5 minutes.

Stereo Bluetooth connection:

1. Put the two speakers close together, ensure the Bluetooth of both speakers are turned on.
2. Press the PAIR button twice on either speaker, the STATUS light will flash slowly. After the two speakers are successfully linked, the STATUS light will remain on.
3. Search for “Blastking” on your device and connect.
4. In the Stereo Bluetooth connection mode, press the PAIR button to interrupt the current link.

Note: When pairing two speakers, try to place the two speakers close together. After the pairing is successful, they can be placed further apart. The
distance should not exceed 15 feet. Once a Bluetooth connection has been established, the speakers will automatically pair next time.

You cannot start a new pairing or linking request while a device is already connected. Please disconnect any previous pairing before attempting a new pairing.