How to Choose the Best Powered Subwoofer

Sound and music have been incorporated into our daily lives. Technology has evolved our lives where we can conveniently listen to any kinds of sound we like.

It is important to choose a device with high-quality sound and Blastking USA is just the right place to search. We offer high-quality speakers, the best powered subwoofer, with your favorite gadgets and accessories.

Choosing a Subwoofer

Subwoofer speakers produce sounds that are low in frequency, they are designed for this purpose. Bass in one integral part to enjoy your stereo, it gives realistic and in-depth sound to your audio.

There are a lot of choices as to what type of subwoofer fits your needs. There are different sizes, designs, and body style for you to choose from.

Choosing a Subwoofer for Home Entertainment

Staying at home and spending quality time over a movie night, or your usual Netflix should be accompanied with quality sounds. Having the right subwoofer will give you the best theater-like experience at home. I have compiled a list below of what should be considered when choosing a subwoofer.

Size - Size does matter, and it depends on your preference. A big subwoofer with a large surface area for the woofer offers a deeper sub frequency measured in Hz. A big woofer does not mean it is better because a good subwoofer should seamlessly blend with other speakers for a great sound experience. Also, if you have a big living space, then a bigger subwoofer should be perfect. If it will be placed on a smaller space or unit, a 10” or less subwoofer should be enough.

Bass - Subwoofers are all about that bass. If you are into thundering and heart pounding sounds coming alive from your home theater, then choose one with great bass. It is about your own personal taste on how much bass you want coming out from your speakers. If it will be mainly used for family entertainment with kids, go for a smaller sub with the right bass of your preference.

Power - Amplification is where the power of a subwoofer comes in. If you have a specific amplifier requirement, look into the specifications of the subwoofers engineering details. Your budget will also play a part when choosing a higher numbered amplification quality. It is enough to choose the right woofer that meets your budget and preferred sound.

Enclosures - Subwoofer enclosures are either sealed or ported. Sealed enclosures or acoustic suspension are very responsive with accurate bass quality. It is not affected by incoming or outgoing air, offering a realistic and tight sound.

Ported boxes or enclosed bass reflex is built with an air vent to boost the output of low bass. It offers a more powerful bass without the need for much power. The ported box usually is larger than the sealed woofer.

Both designs offer clean and quality bass, perfect for movie night. You can choose your perfect subwoofer with BlastKing USA, we offer a wide range of high quality and the best powered subwoofer delivered for free on your doorstep.