Best DJ Speakers

For a consistent sounding experience that ensures a clearer and simpler power technology, BlastKing Company is the long term choice of many music institutions and individuals all over the United States. We deliver live sound products from speakers to amplifiers with a wide range of technical diversity for best product selection. In addition, we also provide complete sets and types of fog and lighting set up, microphones from dynamic to wireless, product accessories like connectors and cables, and multiple options for kinds of racks, cases or stands.

Our Services

We offer free shipping of our products anywhere in the US which includes a 30-day return service guarantee. You can also take advantage of the 1-year warranty, discount options, and bundle deals for few of our audio products as well as the weekly royal deals. We also commit to providing a convenient shopping experience for our clients that is why we provide a buy-now-pay-later promo in which you can manage to give monthly pay for your purchased products either in 3, 6 or 12-month period.

Our company is membered with a pool of technical experts who can assist your concerns, inquiries, or needs through our customer support service with whom you can ensure a very responsive and immediate solution to your queries.

Best DJ Speakers Product Options

We have a PA category for multiple types of speakers such as passive type, battery operated, powered, surface mount, and 8/12/15/18 types of PA speakers including options for speaker cover and stand. You can purchase these products from at least $449.99 up to $1,549.99 or more depending on the package inclusion and model type.

For the speaker specifications, you can choose from 800 to 1200 watts loudspeakers which are two-way active and include add-on features, accessories or products like Bluetooth, microphone, mic stands, cables and subwoofers, bags, display processor, and amplifiers in different class types.  

Other best DJ speakers are a variety of replacement speakers which include compression drivers, diaphragms, subwoofers, and horns. Furthermore, subwoofer selection usually differs in sizes and capacity type with price ranges from $49.99 to $699.99.

In terms of cable types, we cater a wide array of product-specific cables and cords such as cables for lighting and data, video and speaker type (individual and bulk), instrument and microphone cables, interconnect and power types, studio snake and stage, and connectors as well as bundles. These cable products can be very useful in multiple uses for an individual, small kind, or large room/area set up. A single balanced cable wire can be purchased for as low as $8.99 only and 2-cord type of speaker wire for just $144.99.

Our stand and rack products are suitable for keyboard, monitor, microphone, speaker, music, laptop, wall mount, and subwoofer for as low as $39.99 up to $419.99 or more.

Contact Information

You can check all the latest offers and product discounts through the BlastKing website at We are happy to hear your thoughts and other concerns through this phone number: (305) 591 – 8930 or through our email address at We are open Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.