Where to Find an Affordable Line Array

Music festivals are fascinating, fun, and enjoyable events. Young folks enjoy the drop of every beat in these festivals. These events present us with wall-like speakers arranged in a certain pattern. There are speakers and subwoofers bigger than your car and can make your heart roll to the beat of its sounds.

These loudspeaker system arranged and mounted in a line with identical speakers are called line array. If you are looking for an affordable line array, here at BlastKing USA offers major line array that is within your budget.

What is a Line Array?

The line array is a system consisting of loudspeakers that are usually identical and mounted into each other. They are phased and lined with each loudspeaker elements to create a line source of music or sound. The purpose of this alignment is to deliver sound waves as far as possibly could while distributing sound patterns evenly.

The system used for line array is based on the theory of pure geometry with an experiment showcasing a free field. This allows the sound to develop in an environment without being interfered by room reflections and temperature refraction.

Different types of Line Array
Line arrays are used primarily in public with vertical arrays that provide a pattern of narrow output in a vertical pattern. A vertical line array normally displays a wide pattern that is placed horizontally to focus the sound into the listeners and not wasting its output into an empty space. This type of line array is usually seen at a concert.

By contrast, horizontal line array produces a narrow output with a pattern that is horizontal and tall vertical. The horizontal line array has subwoofers rowed on the stage near the front edge of the concert hall.

The modern line array uses a separated driver to obtain the low minus, mid minus, and high - frequency passbands. The passband drivers should be in a line to the line array for its source to work fully. Each enclosure increases the range of frequency and the maximum level of sound pressure. Adding an additional box to the line array lowers the frequency and achieves a pattern called directional dispersion.

Another line array is the large format which becomes the standard for concerts on large venues and music festivals held outdoors. The system for this method is rigged and suspended, forming a structural beam of a tower with ground support or an A-frame tower. The enclosures are rigged which is supported by a single point. This assembly makes it more convenient to set up than any other method of a line array. The lower part of the array is then curved backward for the sound to disperse at the bottom and reach more people. This type of method usually uses a cabinet that is trapezoid in shape and connected to the rigging hardware for support.

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