Why Choose an 18 Inch Subwoofer?

A subwoofer also called a woofer is a complete loudspeaker. It dedicates its production of audio mainly to low-pitched frequencies that are further called sub-bass and bass production. It is also intended to create a range of low-frequency sounds and cover high-frequency bands to a loudspeaker.

There are different types of subwoofers, and it’s important to get the right one that fits your preference. Here at BlastKing USA, we offer a variety of loudspeakers with different types of subwoofers. Below, we will discuss further an 18 inch subwoofer.

What is an 18 inch Subwoofer?

Subwoofers are known to produce hefty bass sounds that can lift your pulse to a maximum, but that’s not all there is for a subwoofer. You will find woofers with a full range of built-in speakers and fired up by its amplifier. There are different driver sizes for the woofers that you can choose from.

A smaller woofer with a size between 8” to 10” is ideal for home use or small living space. The higher the woofer size such as an 18” subwoofer is perfect for concert halls and even open field events.

In the late 80s, an 18” speaker that has a special cabinet was moving air pressure from the first speaking while the passive speaker fires into its cabinet. They were the experimental stage where at that time, a bass with a 4” to 10” woofer has a cabinet size as big as the guitar cabinet. Then moving to the later years, the majority of performers were using an 18” subwoofer to create super low Hrz and cabinet sizes evolved greatly.

Two varieties of Subwoofers

There are two subwoofer varieties, Active and Passive. Active subwoofers have a combination of a subwoofer and a crossover of a line-level that powered the amplifier on the same cabinet. This eliminates the need to have separate amplifiers and boxes. The line-level input fed the preamplifier, with an output for line-level that powers the amplifier, and the subwoofer has a volume control. The filtered line-level output removes the low frequency from the signal and lets the amplifier power up the main loudspeaker. This crossover allows adjustable frequency and lets you select the type of frequency that best match the main speaker.

The passive subwoofer, on the other hand, has an enclosure driven or powered by an amplifier that is external. The same amplifier that drives your stereo and the main speaker will also be the one that fires up the subwoofer. A full range of outputs from the amplifier will be a subwoofers input, while its crossover to the subwoofer can reduce the low-frequency signal and output to the main speaker.

The main loudspeaker filters the signal and output from the subwoofer. This type of woofer can be good as it includes a cleaner midrange and keeps the low bass from the main speaker has its advantage.

There are different types of loudspeakers and subwoofers that best integrates to someone’s daily or professional needs. We, at BlastKing USA, is dedicated to providing the best equipment with the option of a low monthly payment plan. Contact us now for more details.