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Gemini DJ Speakers

The Leading Gemini DJ speakers

Both the entertainment and music industry has now become more exciting with the improvement of various digital and built-in software as well as equipment that suitably bring amazing sound experience. With the instant rise of hundreds of audio and music stores all over the world, it’s never difficult to jive your own tuning.

BlastKing USA is part of the major industry that conveniently provides leading audio and media playing facilities and materials. We offer the latest production of software and virtual systems perfect for a small-type or huge event or even for business music ventures. Few of our best yet affordable products starting from DJ live audio sounds, microphone materials, cables as well as connectors, lighting set up, mixers, and amps in various styles and specifications.

Our Core Products

You can choose different cost-effective live sounds and equipment materials that you want with our vast audio sound selections. You can also take advantage of our monthly and yearly discount bundles and sale options and other guaranteed packages extensively created for our loyal customers.

  1. Gemini DJ Speakers

This product is proficiently used with the help of computer DJ-type system or a media player interface for a more synchronized overall function. It produces more audible sound because of its advanced tools and features.

Gemini DJ speakers include both passive and active types. The former mostly requires an additional amp function while the latter works as a stand-alone system. Both also include embedded audio control located at the speaker base. You can have the full control to customize frequency for better sound quality. Speaker prices range from as low as $499.99 up to $3, 999.99 for the basic and full set categories.

  1. Mixers, Lighting, and Amplifiers

We offer 3 to 4 output channels mixer types with USB connection interface with price ranges from $59.99 to $69.99 only. On the other hand, the professional power function amplifier also includes various types that differ in power watts, styles, quality, and function inclusions. These power amps range from as low as $149.99 up to $399.99 depending upon the category types. Various types of amp specifications include stereo, input/output, and line channels for multiple connections, and a USB audio port for external sound support.  

Moreover, we have an available wide range of flexible lighting options which involve environmentally safe LED RGB light function strips with multiple package selections. We have a single light strip for as low as $29.99 to $34.99. For plan options, you can take advantage of light strip types with additional remote control system at $44.99 up to 49.99 only. It includes a bendable and safe-operated function with a standard length of 5-meter reels. Our light products are water resistant which is perfect for outdoor use.

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